Appointments and Fees


Appointments and Fees

Schedule an Appointment

Health Services sees patients primarily by appointment.

There are several ways to make an appointment:

  • Call 815-753-1311
  • Visit our Secure Patient Website
  • Stop at the Health Services front desk and talk with a scheduler 

A Registered Nurse is available for phone calls or "walk-ins" without an appointment. However, Health Services always encourages students to schedule an appointment in advance, whenever possible.

NIU student fees cover most services provided by Health Services. There are NO charges for x-rays, physician or nurse visits. There are charges for medications, immunizations, missed appointments, some lab tests, and certain specialized procedures and supplies.

No Show/Missed Appointment Fees

To encourage students to keep their appointments, or to call if they cannot, Health Services has implemented the following no show/missed appointment fees.

  • Medical Services $25
  • Women’s & Men’s Health $25
  • Colposcopy $50
  • Psychiatry (Initial visit) $75
  • Psychiatry (Return visit) $50

Students can avoid a no show/missed appointment fee by canceling their appointment prior to its schedule time by calling 815-753-1311 (available 24 hours) or by going to our Secure Patient Website.   

Missed Appointment Fee Appeal Form (pdf)